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Accu-Chek Compact Test Strips


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We offer a website dedicated to the Aviva Glucose Meter. Here you can find many offers and discounts to those who qualify.




The Accu-Chek Compact Test Strips are sold in a 17 strip capacity drum that revolves through each strip to eliminate the need for changing test strips until the drum is empty. Within the Compact Plus Glucose Meter, there is a window so that you can see if the drum is getting low. This allows you the freedom of leaving replacement test strips at home if you are not needing a refill based on your testing schedule.

Your test strips require only 1.5 µl of blood to accurately return glucose levels within 8 seconds after administering the sample. Available is alternate site testing (AST) if you would like to take blood samples from the palm or forearm, along with standard site testing of the finger tips.


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